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Why Love Rain?

Your #1 Choice For Roofing Companies In Austin TX

LoveRain Roof Co. is a professional commercial and residential roofing company. We do it right, every time. We only use the highest quality materials and perform the highest quality workmanship. We don’t just print it or say it, we actually do it. When eight inches of driving rain and sustained winds are tearing roofs off and causing major leaks on the structures all around you, you’ll have peace knowing you made the right decision in hiring the LoveRain Roof Co. and you’ll truly understand why we say you can “Love The Rain”. A properly built roof system can actually perform in these harsh conditions. Thanks to so many companies willing to sell cheap roofs to win business, we also have a full time repair department that goes into full swing every time it rains or the wind blows. When we get the call, we fix them all!

Reach out if you’re needing a real roofer to fix a real problem or prevent one from happening.

We install, repair and maintain all styles of flat roofs, metal roofs, tile roofs, TPO roofs, PVC roofs, foam roofs and of course, shingle roofs. We can restore and extend the life of almost any kind of low slope roof and we can provide the longest warranties in the industry backed by the number 1 manufacturer in the country. We are a GAF Certified Master Roofing Contractor. We can register your roof and upon completion, GAF will send one of their inspectors out to check all work and provide you with a 10-25 year leak proof guarantee that covers all materials and all workmanship. Less than 2% of all roofing contractors can offer you this piece of mind. These certifications are not just handed out with some online application . We work hard to earn them and work hard to keep them. It’s an honor to have this ability and it’s what separates the pros from the one’s keeping our repair division in full swing.

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Let us help you in your roofing project – from closing a roofing permit to completing a large scale project – we are positive you will not be disappointed. We specialize in large commercial warehouses and condominiums. With many years of professional experience in the roofing industry, a 24-hour emergency system and a quick response time, we are ready to serve your roofing needs.

Call now for a roofing evaluation and estimate. Financial assistance is available for those who qualify. We are licensed, bonded, and insured.
Contact us today. You’ll be glad you did. And remember, after all, it’s the roof above your head.