Austin Commercial Roof Maintenance

Roof systems are susceptible to severe weathering, constant UV exposure, expansion and contraction as well as abuse caused by people. Even on a brand new roof, it is not uncommon for leaks to develop within a short period as a result of these causes. In addition, exposure to pollutants like grease and animal fats as well as strong winds, hail, and long-continued rains, may result in additional roof system degradation. Roof leaks left unattended allow moisture to enter the assembly and cause deterioration of the roof decking and major damage to the building’s interior. Just like your car, maintenance is required to keep everything running and operating properly. Roof maintenance will also ensure that your warranty stays in full effect.

LoveRain Roof Co. is one of Austin’s select CMP contractors (Certified Maintenance Professionals) that offers building owners and property managers scheduled roof inspections and tailored maintenance programs to ensure the performance of your existing roof system, which ultimately reduces the costs incurred for premature roof replacement.

If you would like more information about The Certified Maintenance Professional Contractor and The WellRoof Guarantee Extension, download the brochure.

Roof Coating Maintenance

Roof coatings are liquid-applied roof systems that when used in the correct order and over correctly prepared surfaces, cure to a thick, seamless, rubberized membrane that encapsulates the entire roof surface. We begin with the preparation stage which includes making minor repairs to the existing roof and adding screws and fasteners where needed. The entire roof surface is then washed to sure all oxidation, grease, pollutants, and debris are removed. Once the surface is clean, dry, and tight, we begin the flashing work around all the seams, screws, pipes, ac units, and any other vents that penetrate the roof. Upon completion of the flashing work, we begin the application of a base coat. Once cured, we come back and apply the topcoat. The finished product is a highly reflective, energy-star-rated roof that forms a monolithic barrier and protects from UV, Rain, and any biological growth. It’s our most popular system.

TPO & PVC Roof Maintenance

Maintenance is so important on your TPO & PVC Roof. When we are conducting our annual or bi-annual inspections, the most common things we find on the roof are trash, screws, dead birds, broken glass, grease, biological growth, used freon cylinders, and a myriad of other types of debris. At the very least, keeping the roof clean will prevent punctures and tears from occurring. These bi-annual and yearly inspections also give us an opportunity to remove things that can blow off and hurt someone or damage property. During our scheduled maintenance visits, we also find punctures, cracks, and splits into various areas of the roof, usually at critical termination joints. Our maintenance plans all include keeping these terminations properly sealed and/or repaired if necessary. Having a warranty on your roof does not prevent building movement from occurring. The building’s expansion and contraction cause the roof to be under tremendous stress. Wind pressures constantly pull on the roof and prolonged rain and high humidity create added moisture in the air which is seen through moisture migration from inside the building.

TPO & PVC Roof Maintenance

Typically, one major repair will cost more to fix than 2-3 years of preventive maintenance. Instead of a common 4-inch rain event causing damage to your facility, a hazardous workplace, or just a stressful Monday filled with anxiety, schedule an inspection today and we’ll make sure you Love The Rain, even when there are 4 inches on a Sunday night.

Metal Roof Maintenance

The majority of modern metal roofs are made from corrugated galvanized steel; a steel sheet coated with zinc. Copper, aluminum, stainless steel, and tin are also used in commercial metal roof applications. Coatings can be applied to provide additional waterproofing, anti-rust, and UV protection.

Longevity and durability are the chief benefits of a metal roof system. In addition, its lightweight nature allows for quick installation and repair. Metal roofs are environmentally friendly and are available in many different styles and color choices, making this system a good fit when aesthetics are important.

Shingle Maintenance

Shingles last 20 to 50 years, are relatively affordable and can be recycled in some areas. There are many choices for shingles. One of our trained team members can meet you at your building and show you real samples of all the different color options and styles to choose from. A style should be chosen using three main criteria: budget, length of the warranty, and style preference.

Shingle Maintenance Austin

Commercial Asphalt Roof Maintenance

There are four types of roofing asphalt. Each type is created by heating and blowing with oxygen. The longer the process the higher the melt-point of the asphalt. Therefore, Type I asphalt has characteristics closest to coal tar and can only be used on dead-level surfaces. Type II is considered flat and can be applied to surfaces up to 1/4 in 12 slopes. Type III is considered to be “steep” asphalt but is limited to slopes up to 2 in 12, and Type IV is “special steep”. The drawback is, the longer it is processed, the shorter the life. Dead level roofs where Type I asphalt was used as the flood and gravel adhesive has performed nearly as well as Coal Tar. Asphalt roofs are also sustainable by restoring the life cycle by making repairs and re-coating with compatible products. The process can be repeated as necessary at significant cost savings with very little impact on the environment.