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If you are a property manager or a contractor, you want to work with a reliable roofer. You want to know that your roofer will complete the job on time and on budget. You want a roofer who is knowledgeable, dependable, and quick to respond.

Because the roofing needs of buildings and businesses differ so greatly, your roofing company must have extensive knowledge in understanding the engineering of your property structure. Understanding the mechanics of your building and industry is a primary goal, and our dedication to this over the years has allowed us to work across industries while addressing solutions for your building, budget, and requirements.

Whether your structure is new or old, large or small, sloped or flat, our Austin roofing contractors have experience with all of its unique attributes, construction components, and functionality requirements.

No project is too large for LoveRain Roofing.  High-rises, apartment buildings, condominiums, shopping malls, churches, schools, and government facilities are all part of our portfolio.

Office Building Roofs

Because business cannot be disrupted in commercial office buildings, the roofing project must be well-managed, completed on time, and with as little disruption as possible. We manufacture all of these items for high-rise and single-story office buildings.

Roofing for Retail Properties

Strip malls, mixed-use facilities, shopping centers, large malls, office buildings,  restaurants, and superstores present special challenges for professional roofers and retail property owners. A leaking roof can result in significant inventory losses as well as a risk to customers and employees. Furthermore, certain types of businesses may subject roofing materials to more than normal wear and tear. Roofs can be severely damaged by chemicals from dry cleaners or exhaust from restaurants. LoveRain Roof Co. offers roof repair and routine maintenance, as well as roof inspections, which can increase the life of retail roofing and reduce maintenance needs.

It is critical for REITs and retail owners to reduce the presence of a repair or replacement project. During retail roofing projects, safety, cleanliness, and minimizing inconvenience to customers and employees are top priorities.


Hotel guests and occupants of occupied buildings expect comfort as well as cleanliness. In addition to a flawless repair or installation, hospitality projects require the elimination of interruption while maintaining a clean and safe facility.

We can respond quickly to emergencies because we are used to working with the hospitality industry, multi-use areas, and large roofing structures. Furthermore, we have immediate access to large quantities of materials. Many smaller roofing companies struggle to meet this type of challenge, but we enjoy it!

Multi-family & Condo Roofing

For professional roofing contractors and owners, multi-family, multi-housing, condos, HOAs, townhouses, and mixed-use communities present some of the most difficult solutions. Numerous homeowners, association boards, various C.C.&R.’s, property management groups, and properties of varying ages all create numerous opportunities for success or failure.

Condos are occupied by residents, so a repair or re-roofing job must include keeping condo owners happy. Our project managers understand this and work hard to ensure that the project runs smoothly and on time.

Industrial & Manufacturing Roofing

Above and beyond the normal wear and tear experienced by residential properties, roofing material used in the manufacturing industry frequently takes a beating. Chemicals, exhausts, and residues from the manufacturing process can degrade most roofing materials faster than sun, wind, and weather.

Though these projects may involve membrane replacements or complete tear-offs, meeting production needs is a top priority that must not be compromised. We are no strangers to these, and we select the best system and manage the job to ensure that all objectives are met.


A warehouse roof can be a significant source of energy inefficiency. Thus, determining the best solution requires analyzing the appropriate roof, life-cycle cost, and weighing long-term ownership versus a short-term lease.

Medical Facilities & Hospitals

Many health care facilities not only run 24 hours a day, seven days a week but also have strict code regulations and require comfortable and, of course, sterile environments for their patients. This requires no tolerance for leaks, a controlled installation, and a roof system that is extremely durable.

School Roofs

If your school’s roof is damaged, especially during the school year, the last thing you need is to close the school for repairs. We make every effort to keep a low profile so that the children and teachers are unaware of our presence, and to get you back up and running as soon as possible with as little disruption as possible.

During these roofing projects, factors such as faculty and student safety, liability, and cleanliness are prioritized. Educational facilities must meet strict deadlines and require ongoing assistance from a dependable expert.

Commercial Roofing Expertise & Experience

We function on the fundamental principle that your roof not only serves to protect your building, equipment, and people, but it also saves you money and increases the value of your property when properly selected and installed. As a result, everything we do is centered on sourcing the best quality materials at the highest possible value and executing the application flawlessly.