Storm Damage Roof Repair

When a home sustains damage from a storm, knowing what to do and how to get one’s home repaired quickly is definitely important. This is especially true when there is roof damage. The roof is designed to protect a home, but, when it is compromised by high winds or other types of storm damage, it can leave a home vulnerable to even more infrastructure problems. For example, if the roof deck is exposed, it won’t be long before water is leaking inside the home.

Homeowners should find a trusted Austin roofing contractor that they can call in an emergency. When damage is extensive, homeowners can waste valuable time reading reviews and following up with references. The time to do this is when a roofing contractor isn’t needed. This will allow a homeowner to do their research without feeling rushed. They will be able to thoroughly evaluate a roofing contractor’s credentials and follow up with references without the stress of needed emergency services.

Another important item that needs to be in place before a problem arises is the right type of insurance. Storms can crop up at any time and homeowners should make sure they are prepared. Homeowners insurance is available in both actual cash value policies as well as replacement cost policies.

We have put together a team of highly trained professionals that in the event of a storm are prompt in getting to your property and mitigating roof damages. After a major storm we recommend having your roof evaluated by a licensed roofing contractor whether you believe there is damage or not. Insurance roof work through insurance companies is common for LoveRain Roof Company during the hurricane season.

A tree damaged the roof
Roof Damage from Austin Storm

Having worked several major storms we know what to look for on your roof after the storm. While your roof may not be leaking yet if there are lifted or broken roof tile it is only a matter of time before those problems turn into leaks. You may have had shingles blow away that you are unaware of, laps on your flat roof could be lifted, the list goes on. Point being is that the time to find these problems out is weeks after the storm not a year down the road when the roof is suddenly leaking all over the place. If it turns out that your roof has sustained damage you may want to notify your insurance company. We will be happy to speak with your insurance agent/adjuster as to our findings. We hope that you are reading this page to educate yourself rather then out of necessity. If you are in need of a roof inspection and estimate after a storm Contact us today.

Hail Damage Roof Repair

It is not unusual in Central Texas to experience extreme hail storms.  Austin is known for its severe weather when hailstones may reach the dimension of golf balls and hold the immense capacity to create extensive damage to the exterior of your home. The roof damages may not be visible right away and may go unseen for even months up until trivial moisture leaks and also architectural damage discloses bigger problems.

A roof tile damage
Austin roof storm damage

LoveRain Roofing possesses years of experience in storm and also hail damage roof repair work. We also focus on various other damages connected with storms and also hailstorm damage repair such as siding repair work, roof replacement as well as other damages caused to your roofing system. Despite the degree of damage on your property roof , our experienced group of repair experts will certainly recommend the appropriate roof services.

Is Your Hailstorm Damages Covered Under Insurance?

If a recent storm or hail has harmed your residential property and has compelled you to opt for a roofing repair work, you can profit economically from our claim management program. Our unique system of claim management program is especially created for all the customers who wish to resolve their insurance promptly and also painlessly. We understand just how frightening maybe to understand and adhere to the insurance procedure. Thus, our professionals will certainly look after this overwhelming insurance procedure together with your hail damages roofing fixing and roofing replacement processes.

Indications of Hail Storm Damaged Roof

Hail storm roofing damage can differ considerably from one part of a residence to another. Roofing contractors and also insurance coverage inspectors have terrific experience in roofing system evaluations as well as they will plainly notify you of all the essential roof repair work. It is of utmost relevance to seek these below-mentioned indications of hail damage to avoid the possibility of bigger as well as a lot more complicated roof damage in future.

  • Inspect your tiles thoroughly for possible indications of hail damage.
  • Is there any dampness leakage on the ceiling that is creating discoloration?
  • Can you find black mineral deposits in your drain downspouts?
  • Whether you have typical rain gutters or steel rain gutters, look for possible damages or dings. Dinged seamless gutters are an unmistakable indicator of having roof shingles damage.

Due Diligence

Unfortunately even if you are hiring a licensed roofing contractor not all are created equal. Find out if the company you are hiring has a dedicated repair specialist, how long he has been a repairman, and there method of repairing your roof. LoveRain Roof leaves nothing to the imagination our written proposals explain in great detail the process in which we will be doing the repair. Many companies chose to just go right over top of the old roofing material with new material and call this a repair. While this method may work some of the time this is a far cry from the pin point accuracy in repairing roofs our clients have come to expect from us.

Our Leak Detection

Here at LoveRain Roof Company, we never go over top of old roofing material. We always measure to get in the vicinity of the leak, then we cut into the existing tar paper and remove it down to the wood deck. We clear away any lose debris and look at the decking. The wood decking always tells the full story, if we have pinpointed the leak we will find a stain on the wood and know it is now safe to repair. While simply putting new material over old is certainly easier on the roofer performing the work it is by no means the best possible way of locating and fixing the leak on the first visit.

What is the best type of insurance for a homeowner who owns an older home?

There are many factors that must be weighed in order to determine the best insurance for a particular individual. Some homeowners choose a high deductible to keep premiums affordable, while other homeowners want to keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum during an emergency. They opt for a lower deductible, therefore. ACV and replacement policies can also vary. Homeowners should discuss their coverage needs with their insurance agent.

A hole in the roof
Austin Roofing – Damaged Roof

Many homeowners are unsure of the type of coverage they have. They might know their deductible, but little else. It is extremely important that homeowners periodically review their insurance policy. It is also important to know exactly what type of damage will be covered. If a homeowner has any doubt, they should contact their insurance agent to discuss the details of their coverage.

An important factor that homeowners should understand is that the typical actual cash value policy can require a substantial out-of-pocket payment from the policyholder. Not only will the homeowner be required to pay their deductible prior to the insurance company making a settlement, but they might also be surprised at how the settlement is calculated. An ACV policy will prorate the cost of a roof. If a homeowner has already had their roof for 10 years of a 30-year warranty, the insurance company will calculate coverage based on the remaining two-thirds of the roof’s life expectancy.

Our Commitment

We ensure to present the right solution to the problem, inform you of the process in which we intend to repair your roof, use only top quality materials, and complete your project in a timely and professional like manner. LoveRain will never propose a roof repair that we can not stand behind and back up with our guarantee. Please contact us today for your free estimate. We are your number one choice in Central Texas & Austin roof repairs.

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