Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

Roof systems are vulnerable to weathering, expansion, contraction, and human abuse. Furthermore, exposure to unusual pollutants, high winds, hail, and long, continuous rains may hasten the deterioration of a roof system. As a result of these causes, it is not uncommon for some leakage to develop within a very short period of time after the original roof application.

Commercial roofs necessitate regular inspections and maintenance as a result of all of these factors. Roof inspection and maintenance should be performed on a regular basis by building owners and property managers.

LoveRain Roof Maintenance Program assist property managers and business owners in managing roof expenses by providing preventative maintenance to preserve and extend the life of your roofing system. We offer various levels of coverage that are tailored to your budget. Finally, the program provides complete assurance that roof headaches are a thing of the past.

photo of a roof being inspected
Austin Commercial Roofers in Action

Our Austin Commercial roof maintenance program is a routine, comprehensive commercial roof maintenance program that is developed for specifically for you based on your individual needs.
We have the most qualified team with up to date certifications to provides expert analysis and craftsmanship to your existing commercial roof. The team will thoroughly inspect the rooftop and investigate any damaged or worn areas due to age, weather, material defect, or poor installation.

Austin Annual Roof Inspection

A commercial roof should have a proper roof maintenance program in place. This will benefit commercial property owners by allowing owners to keep up with minor roof repairs and identify potential problem areas that may lead to costly damage.

Photo of an Austin commercial roof
Austin Annual Roof Inspections

Commercial Roof Maintenance Programs Industry studies have found that the average life of a low slope roof system is approximately 16 years.

LoveRain Roof Maintenance Program includes

Our annual maintenance program for a commercial flat roof includes regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance to prevent more severe damage. Commercial Roof maintenance programs are designed to prolong the live of your existing roof systems and protect your investment.

  • All leaks will be repaired on an ongoing basis at no additional cost.
  • Annual maintenance inspections
  • Removal and disposal of accumulated debris
  • All pitch pans are sealed and topped off.
  • All flashing conditions should be caulked, coated, and sealed.
  • Complete report creation, including before and after photos
  • Cost savings by keeping smaller issues at bay and avoiding unplanned repairs
  • Roof emergencies receive priority service.

Our goal is to ensure the performance of your existing roof system by providing a maintenance program that, in turn, reduces the costs associated with roof replacement by prolonging the life of your current roof.

Cost of a Commercial Roof Maintenance Plan

Running your business or managing properties is challenging and we make our annual inspection hassle-free. For a Free Estimate please call us at (512) 938-8515 or contact us by email.