Roof Restoration & Coatings

Restoration is a high-performance, eco-friendly alternative to re-roofing.

A building’s roof is its first line of defense against nature. It is critical to contact a roofing professional when you first notice degradation, leaks, or visible wear and tears in the roof membrane to protect its structural integrity and occupants. Ideally, you’ll want to follow best practices and proactively identify potential roof membrane issues before they cause too much damage. However, contacting a roofing professional can save you money if it is determined that your roof is eligible for a roof restoration system.

Our goal is to extend the useful life of your roof as much as possible by repairing or restoring it –  with replacement considered only as a last resort. If a restoration is established to be a viable option, it can be a reliable, cost-effective way to restore your roof to watertight standards and bring it back under warranty without an expensive roof replacement.

Roof Restoration Systems

Roof restoration is a cost-effective alternative to reroofing in many cases. Roof restoration systems, which use advanced roof coating technologies such as silicone, acrylic, or aluminum, allow the facility’s current roof membrane to be restored at a fraction of the cost of roof replacement, thereby extending the roof membrane life cycle.

Roof Coatings

Roof coating is a popular service for commercial roofs because of its ability to extend the life of a roof by adding a layer of protection against light, water, and other elements. It’s also a great short-term, low-cost workaround for a roof replacement. The professionals at LoveRain Roof Company are roof coating experts in Austin, so you can rely on us to extend the life of your existing commercial roof.


Types of Coatings

There are several commercial roof coating options, but which one you choose will be determined by the material of your current roof. Some roof types necessitate multiple layers of coating, whereas others can be applied directly to a roof’s surface. It is critical to discuss these with your roofing contractor ahead of time.

Don’t replace your roof when you can restore it!

We can show how restoring your roof is cheaper than replacing it, plus the warranties are exceptional! We can also explain how you can mitigate the roof restoration cost via an IRS Section 179 tax deduction. Our goal is always to extend the useful life of your roof by repairing or restoring it whenever possible, viewing a replacement only as a last resort. If determined to be a viable option, a restoration can be a reliable, cost-effective way to bring your roof to watertight standards and back under warranty without a costly, disruptive roof replacement.

How do you know if your roof is a good candidate for restoration?

A roof restoration system, at the very least, can defer the significant costs of a full roof replacement and, in some cases, can avoid complete roof replacement entirely – provided that systematic maintenance and restoration practices are followed. There are options to ultimately extend the life cycle of your current roofing membrane with advanced roof restoration technologies available today.

How do you know which roof restoration system is right for your structure?

The compatibility of the roof restoration system with your existing roof membrane is one of the first things to consider. Certain solvent-based products may cause damage to your existing roof assembly, while in other cases, a specific coating may not adhere well enough to ensure long-term reliability. Evaluating the compatibility of your current roof membrane with a new coating may immediately narrow your options. LoveRain Roof can help you determine compatibility and the best restoration solution for you.

The roofing experts at LoveRain are available to assist you in considering all of the factors involved in selecting the right roof restoration system to ensure a long-lasting, waterproof, and energy-efficient roof. Protecting your roof assembly now can help prevent costly problems later on, and it may even allow you to recoat as needed and keep the roof in good condition for the life of the building.

Roof Coating Process

We will begin the process with a roof inspection and analysis. Our procedure then consists of three distinct steps before the job is finished:

  1. A thorough cleaning of the roof is necessary to ensure a smooth coating finish.
  2. The type of coating used is determined by the current roofing material.
  3. The finished product is reviewed, and maintenance options are discussed.
  4. You provide us with feedback so that we can be certain that you are completely satisfied with the job, as with all of our commercial roofing projects.

How Long Does a Restoration System Last?

In general, most commercial roof restoration systems are warrantied to last 10, 15, or 20 years. In order to maintain performance, additional coatings will be required. In terms of warranty, the term length of a restoration system is primarily determined by the amount of material applied to the roof.