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Hot Tar Roofing Contractors

LoveRain Roofing Company is Austin’s premier hot tar roofing repair experts in Central Texas.  Hot tar roofs also referred to as “tar and gravel” or as we say in the industry “built-up roofs”, are some of the best roofs built in the past. They are very redundant and in many cases can be repaired if leaking or we can do a full restoration to extend their usable life.

Hot tar roofing or built-up roofing, is designed by layering rolled out fiberglass based materials and hot tar asphalt. The layering process of asphalt-impregnated rolls of fiberglass and hot tar will bond together into one cohesive roof that is effective, affordable and durable under the heat of the Texas Hill Country.

Hot Tar Roofing Systems

Hot Tar roofing is a layering effect that involves the combination of materials to create a long-lasting, water-resistant roof. This type of roofing is regarded by some commercial and industrial building owners as one of the most durable flat roofing solutions. When a professional roofing contractor installs a built-up roof correctly and performs regular maintenance, it can last 15 to 25 years. When it comes to industrial and commercial buildings in Austin, TX, 2-ply, 3-ply, and 4-ply are common applications. This roofing system can be installed in a variety of depths to meet a variety of roofing requirements and budgets.

Advantages of a Hot Tar Roof

Bitumen roofs are also very long-lasting. Because of their high tensile strength, they are less likely to develop the types of cracks that other flat and membrane roofs are known for. They are also fire, wind, and hail resistant, so they are unlikely to be damaged in the event of a storm.

Long Lasting Durability

Each fiberglass reinforced layer offers reinforcement due to the multiple layers combined and sandwiched between the layers of water-resistant asphalt creating a longer lasting hot tar roof.

Limited Roof Movement

All roofing materials expand and contract during intense heat and cooling conditions that can effect a roof. With a hot tar roof, movement is limited due to that high tensile strength of the 200 lbs./sq inch. Fracturing of a hot tar roof/built up roof are reduce due to the layering procedures, therefore increasing the overall life of roof.

Superior Water Resistance

A single ply roof offers limited prevention of potential leaking. A multiple-layered hot tar roof of fiberglass and hot tar offers up to five times greater water resisting barriers.

Easier installation

Hot tar roofing layer fusing are easier to install than single ply roofing materials. Single ply roofing offers ballast and fasteners since they are laid loosely.

Hot Tar Roof Repairs

Fast Response. Expert Repairs. Affordable Pricing. Quality Workmanship.

Roofing leaks are difficult to detect. To make diagnosis more difficult, water tends to travel inside roofing materials before it is visible as a leaky roof. Culver Roofing Company’s experts are knowledgeable to find leaking roof sources and repair your roof quickly, correctly, and efficiently.

LoveRain Roof Company’s dedicated service professional technicians respond immediately. Correcting a leak or faulty roof quickly will reduce the overall repair costs and increase the life of your roof.

LoveRain technicians are trained in a variety of different roof systems, and are certified in various roof systems so that the roofs manufacturer remains valid. Professional and courteous members of LoveRain Roof Co. pride themselves in providing quality customer service and a comfortable environment at your home or business.

Emergency Leak Repair:

  • 24hr/7 Days a Week Emergency Leak Response Team
  • Quality Workmanship to Ensure Your Leak is Fixed Right the First Time
  • Estimates Provided On Site
  • Detailed Written Assessments Details Photographs of the Leak Source

Roof Inspections and Leak Diagnosis:

  • Budget Estimations
  • Roof Consultations
  • Pictures are Provided of the Inspection Process

Roof Insurance Claims:

  • In-House professional adjusters which reduce out-of-pocket expenses
  • Property Owner Consultation to make claim filing easy and quick
  • Serve as a Liaison between Home Owner and Insurance Company
  • Manage and Complete all Roof Related Repairs
  • Work with Homeowner to obtain Complete Insurance Payment

Scheduled Preventative Roof Maintenance:

  • Inspection the Roof to Avoid Potential Issues
  • Minor Repairing of Roof Structure
  • Provide Estimates for any Major Repairs or Roof Replacement
  • Clean Roof, Gutter, and Drainage Areas to Prevent Potential Issues
  • Extended Roof Warranties Are Available
  • Detailed Written Assessments of Proposed repairs or replacements with Photographs
  • Document Roof Defects, Water Entry Points and Roof Damage

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