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Based in Austin, TX, but providing services to a wide area of locations, LoveRain Roofing provides the quality roofing you want with the experience to prove it. Offering services for metal roofing in Central Texas, we know the importance of a proper metal roof installation. Our goal is to provide you with excellent standing seam or ag panel metal roofing services so that your home, family, and belongings are as secure as possible.

When you choose us as your metal roofing contractor, you are putting your trust in us getting the job done right, the first time. With a trained, qualified, and  knowledgeable team, you can rest assured that your new roof installation is our priority! Don’t settle for roof contractors who promise a quality job but take short-cuts to get the job done faster. You can depend on us to make sure that no detail is overlooked during your metal roofing installation. As your roof contractors we will gladly explain the different procedures and steps for you. Whether a standing seam metal roof installation or any other type of metal roofing services! Let us show you why our roof replacement services are second to none.

If you’re looking for a high-quality metal roof for your home or commercial property, we offer a variety of product lines and can also do custom sheet metal work. Different metal types include Classic Rib Steel Panels, Corrugated Roof Panels, AG Panels, Commercial R Panels, and Standing Seam.

We understand how disruptive a missing or damaged roof is to your home or business. We know the stress it creates – not to mention the liability. When a roof is causing you problems, you need a professional source you can rely on to properly identify the issue. With access to top quality materials and the latest training, our expert metal roofing contractors can identify and explain the problems they find and present you with a permanent solution to your metal roofing needs.

Commercial Metal Roofing Services in Austin Texas

Metal roofs are an excellent choice for businesses concerned with long-lasting durability, energy efficiency, and flexible style options. While modern metal roofs can be made in many different colors, coatings and materials, there are three types of metal roofs that out expert contractors typically install. Which installation method and design best suits your business is something our commercial roofers can recommend during a Free Estimate.

Corrugated Steel Roof InstallationCorrugated Steel Roof Installation

The trusted standard in commercial metal roof installation, corrugated metal roofs are built from a series of galvanized, connected steel panels. Their zinc-iron coating creates strong resistance to rust. They have a lighter weight that traditional materials like wood, stone, or ceramic – especially over larger rooftops, and their ability to reflect sunlight (heat) helps save your building money in energy costs. Their distinct ridged style is recognizable everywhere as the perfect choice for a professional, industrial building.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

When installed properly, standing seam metal roofs create a weatherproof seal that can protect your buildings from relentless exposure to the elements. Through a process of layering, folding, and interlocking a series of metal panels, the roofing is installed over all exposed areas, effectively obscuring any fasteners, nails, or screws beneath it from sight. Because no seams are openly exposed, the roof has a lower chance of leaking.

Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal Shingle Roof Installation

The popularity of metal roof singles in recent years has risen in response to business owner demands for a blend between stylish modern roofing and superior durability. Metal shingles are made to closely mirror the appearance of more traditional materials, such as wood, stone, ceramic, and more, but their superior endurance toward the elements reduces the frequent need for roof repairs and maintenance. Their flexibility in terms of style, pattern, coating, and color selection makes them the perfect option for business owners with an eye for functional design.

Commercial Metal Roof Repair

While metal roofs are known their their durability and long life spans, no roofing material is immune to damage. The need for professional tools and expertise in repairing a metal roof is more than when repairing traditional materials like wood, stone, or ceramic. Due to the expansion and contraction of the metal roof through day-time exposure to heat, patching becomes more difficult.

Austin Commercial Metal Roof Repair

One of the most common mistakes we see on roofs is when a repair is made using the wrong methods or materials. This causes more problems and will only make things worse. Quality work and expertise through experience is what makes us different. There is no shortage of roofing companies out there, and all to often we find evidence of ones that are only using you as their learning experience. When LoveRain Roof Co. is on your property, you can have peace in knowing there’s a real professional addressing your concerns and our true goal is to fix your problem, not put a band aid on it.

The best way to prevent costly repairs and eliminate surprise disruptions to your metal roof is to have us conduct timely repairs, annual inspections, and preventative maintenance to get the longest use our of your roof.

Commercial Metal Roof Replacement

When your working with LoveRain Roof Co. on replacing your metal roof, you can have confidence in making the best decision based on the knowledge we will empower you with. There is no “one size fits all” in commercial metal roofing. Your project will be custom tailored based on several factors that are 100% unique to your circumstances. We will conduct a thorough audit of your existing roof system to determine what options are available along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. We will help you determine the best solution for your roof replacement based on your budget, the use of the building, the type of roof decking and several other factors pertaining to your location and business.

Commercial Metal Roof Maintenance

Even metal roof systems are susceptible to severe weathering, constant UV exposure, expansion and contraction as well as abuse caused by people. Even on a brand new roof, it is not uncommon for leaks to develop within a short period as a result of these causes. In addition, exposure to pollutants like grease and animal fats as well as strong winds, hail, and long-continued rains, may result in additional roof system degradation. Roof leaks left unattended allow moisture to enter the assembly and cause deterioration of the roof decking and major damage to the building’s interior. Just like your car, maintenance is required to keep everything running and operating properly. Roof maintenance will also ensure that your warranty stays in full effect.

LoveRain Roof Co. is one of Austin’s select CMP contractors (Certified Maintenance Professionals) that offers building owners and property managers scheduled roof inspections and tailored maintenance programs to ensure performance of your existing roof system, which ultimately reduces the costs incurred for premature roof replacement.

Residential Metal Roofing Services in Austin Texas

At LoveRain Roof Co., we know that a metal roof installation can seem like a big, intimidating project. This process, however, can go quite smoothly with an excellent roofing company by your side to guide you through the process.

Austin Residential Metal Roof Repair If you are replacing a traditional roof with a metal roof, your property should be inspected thoroughly, inside and outside. A certified inspector is trained to look for problem areas that will affect the performance of metal roofing. These problems could include insect damage, wood rot, or poor construction.

When we know the full condition of your home, then we can recommend the best course of action for completing a metal roofing system in a timely manner and on budget. If you are roofing a new home, inspection is still recommended to make sure the appropriate materials are used for the new roof.

Once all the preliminary decisions are made, the installation of your new metal roof can begin. Most residential roof replacements are completed in just one or two days. You will usually see roofing construction completed in four stages:

  • First, your roof is prepared for a smooth installation.
  • Then, all the materials for the new metal roof are delivered to your location.
  • Next, we install the new roof accurately and in a timely manner.
  • Finally, the roof and surrounding areas are cleaned up of any waste materials from the construction.

Residential Metal Roof Replacement

The top ten most common mistakes causing residential roofs to fail:

  1. Austin Residential Metal Roof ReplacementShingles or Metal installed on roof slopes to low
  2. Leaks in the valley
  3. Incorrect hip and ridge cap shingles installed
  4. Underlayment not properly installed
  5. No drip edge or drip edge installed incorrectly
  6. Inadequate ventilation
  7. Incorrect starter shingles
  8. Improper nailing
  9. Flashing around roof penetrations
  10. Roof-to-Wall flashings

Residential Metal Roof Repair

Besides installing complete roofing systems, we also offer full time repair services. After heavy rain or wind storms, we see a large influx in roof damage. The most commons repairs we are called out for are roof leaks and blow offs. In fact, over the past 20 years, our repair division has taught us first hand why it pays to build high quality roofs. One example we see all the time is when a client is interviewing roofing companies to replace their roof, often times some roof “salesman” leave out the proper hip and ridge cap shingles and instead will install a cheap alternative which allows him to present a lower price. A few years after the roof is installed, his cheap ridge caps start to crack and blow off. To have us come out for rapiers, we replace the few missing ridge caps but the repair cost far out weighs the cost of doing it correctly the first time.

Austin Residential Metal Roofing Another example of our most common repairs are in the instances where roof vents or stack that penetrate the roof are leaking around the flashings. Most of the time this is due to lack of maintenance . All the plumbing vents, gas vents, dryer vent, bathroom fan vents, attic vents etc that go through the roof have flashing around them. The flashings all have exposed nails that fasten them to the roof and require sealant over the nails. The sealant will last a few years before UV degradation deteriorates them. If they are not re-sealed every so often, they will leak. The link is small however, it gets worse over time and its will rot out the decking before you start seeing evidence of the leak inside your home. Once you see a spot on the ceiling, it may have been going on for a while creating more damage. In short, to have ALL of the flashings properly re-sealed over the course of 10 years would cost less than making a single repair with rotten decking and a new flashing.