Plastic Polymer Shingle Roofs

Synthetic Shake Roofing

Plastic polymer roofing materials are some of the latest materials available for roofing projects. The material is made from 100 percent recycled plastic material, reducing the waste that’s added to the environment.

Manufacturers can mold polymers into several compositions, resembling slate, tile or shakes. The material’s surface is smooth, with no granules that might fall from the tiles and clog gutters.

The polymer material is light to moderate weight, and Austin roofing professionals can use them even on roofs with a steep pitch. They have excellent resistance to wind and fire damage.

Safety and longevity are two real advantages for homeowners. Most of those shingles have Class A fire ratings and Class 4 impact ratings. The roofs are also good with heavy snowfall and low temperatures.

A shake resembling cedar, for instance, can last twice as long as the wood product. Some products have an expected lifespan of 50 years or greater.

The shingle colors, however, highlight the primary disadvantage of the process. An asphalt shingle has many individually colored beads embedded, allowing a great variety of colors and shades within each shingle. In contrast, most polymer plastic shingles are one solid piece and can be tinted with only one shade.

For each job, the roofer orders several shades or colors. These are alternated, usually in a random pattern when laying the tiles so that the entire roof will have an attractive and natural look.

The roofing professional installing the shingles must have experience, innate good taste, and a keen artistic sensibility. Any regular pattern will make the shade differences more noticeable and, therefore, unattractive.

Before affixing, the roofer lays out the shingles individually on the deck to create an attractive whole. This procedure may not long be necessary for much longer.

One manufacturer who uses polymer plastic to make a slate lookalike already uses a new production method that premixes shingles with exact proportions of shades.

All the roof’s underlayment and fasteners need to be rated for a life of at least 50 years. There is no point in shingles lasting that long if the roof’s base and hardware fail 20 years sooner. The roof should be installed over a clean deck to ensure that all components are as durable as needed.

The polymer product is relatively expensive. Currently, the cost is up to three times that of asphalt shingles. Homeowners who select polymers are usually those who are environmentally conscious and will pay more for helping the disposed of plastic problem that is wreaking havoc on the environment.

Can the polymer plastic shingles be used on buildings on the U.S. Historic Register?

Yes, since they are virtually indistinguishable from actual wood or shake shingles, the product is ideal for historic buildings. Coupled with the fire rating of Class A, an impact rating of Class 4, and its long life span, the use for historic buildings is well worth the investment.

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