Can Strong Winds Damage Your Roof?

When the area you live in is experiencing strong winds, it pushes against the exterior of your home. The strength of the wind can force its way through the outer walls, and then work its way into the foundation of your home.

When this force isn’t transmitted properly to the ground, it can cause damage to different parts of your home. In this post, we want to cover what you can do to protect your home from strong winds.

First things first, you want to find out what type of roof is on your home from slate, to tile, to ceramic, etc.

Many roofs these days are referred to as gabled because of their A-shaped frame on each end and are the most likely to be subjected to wind damage. Those with flat roofs don’t typically have to worry much about the wind damaging them because of the flatness, which essentially lays down against its pressure.

But no matter which of these types of roofing you have, it’s always important to have them inspected by a professional so you can officially know if all the supports are in the proper place. When they are loose or not properly installed the first time, winds can do much more damage than they would otherwise.

Damaging Winds

Different wind velocities can do different types of damage to your home however, these can cause the most damage.

47-55 mph: Trees can become uprooted, shingles can blow off, and structural damage can occur

53-63 mph: Widespread structure damage

64 mph +: Severe structural to homes, trees large buildings, and landscapes

Each time a strong set of winds come through your area, best practices suggest doing a thorough inspection of your roof. Shingles could be broken and not doing much good on your roof, and in many cases, you won’t be able to tell until you actually perform an inspection.

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